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We are dedicated to creating a representative workforce for the next generation of tech talent

Our mission is to transform the experience of emerging professionals in tech industry. We believe Individuals from any background and location should have immediate access to begin their tech careers

Our Story

In early 2019, our organization began as a volunteer mentoring initiative to assist people from underrepresented groups breaking into the tech industry as software engineers. Witnessing many of these individuals secure well-paying tech jobs they never thought possible, inspired us. Driven by this success, we established our company as a coding bootcamp in 2020, dedicated to professionally equipping people from diverse backgrounds for tech careers.The personal journeys of our co-founders, Erkan and Muhammed, sparked this vision. Coming from immigrant families, they found out from their own experience that there were lots of barriers to break in order to start a tech career. They sought to remove these barriers for others.


In the process of training and helping students land jobs, the team discovered that just training is mostly not enough to land a job for individuals who doesn't have any prior experience. So they merged coding bootcamp and software development experience together and come up with a better way to solve the unjust process of hiring. By providing a real work environment to individuals where they can learn and taste what real work in tech was actually like and gain real experience to showcase in their resumes.


That's when Renas Academy built the virtual tech jobs, creating a unique space where you can be part of a team developing genuine software products while improving both your technical and interpersonal skills in a dynamic and supportive community environment.


We're committed to the idea that anyone eager to pursue a tech career deserves an immediate starting point. Fully remote and accommodating part-time schedules, our program offers the flexibility to jumpstart your successful tech career journey from any location on your own time.


At Renas Academy, we understand that our essence lies in our people, culture, and values. These are not just principles we uphold at work but integral to our lives. We are committed to living by these values and continuously improving.

We help people move forward


We believe success is rooted in developing good character


We support each other to succeed


We believe in equal opportunities for all


We endorse learning through practical experience


Sharing and collaboration form the backbone of our community


We strive to make a positive impact in all we do


We believe there is always room for growth, and are never fully satisfied


Join Our team at RenasAcademy and help us carry on our mission

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