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Help your students gain real work experience in tech with no hassle

In the current tech job market, experience is key to land a job, which often becomes a significant barrier for the majority of entry-level software engineers. Despite having all the necessary skills, many of them struggle to secure their first job.
Partner with RenasAcademy to break these barriers for your students or graduates by providing real world experience where they can work on an actual project and showcase this experience in their resumes to land their dream job faster.

Increase your job placement success with RenasAcademy.

You don't need a challenging job application process for your students. You need a partner. We know what challenges students goes through in the job market and what companies looking for when hiring tech talent. Let us help you equip your students to successfully launch careers. 

Provide on-demand internships for your computer science students or graduates who wants to start a career in tech as software engineers. With our  part-time virtual internships, students can gain real work experience and get mentorship from expert engineers to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market.

Provide real work experience to your students right after graduation! Where they can put their practical skills on work in an actual project. This experience will boost their knowledge and confidence to rock the next job interviews.

Partner with RenasAcademy to save time, money, and resources. Whether you’re in need of job-ready talent or seeking to upskill your existing workforce, we offer solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

Tech Stack Your Students Will Gain Hands on Experience

Discover our dynamic Tech Stack! Students gain hands-on experience with top-tier programming languages, frameworks, and cutting-edge technologies.

- JavaScript
- TypeScript
- React
- Spring Boot
- PostgreSQL

- Java 
- Data Structures
- Algorithms
- Spring Boot
- MongoDB
- Microservices 
- Docker
- Kubernetes 

- Testing Fundamentals 
- Java
- Selenium 
- PostgreSQL
- RestAssured 

What Are The Benefits of Partnering With RenasAcademy?

A partnership with RenasAcademy built on mutual belief that by providing opportunities to emerging tech talent for launching their careers, we will have a significant impact on our organizations, students and communities.Experience is key in hiring, give your students an opportunity to taste what real work in tech is actually look like. Provide them the key to success with the following; 

How can we help you achieve your student success goals?

Let's schedule a call to discuss what you need and find out how RenasAcademy can help you.

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